Thursday, March 31, 2016

Girls Chess

It is scheduled to happen on Sat April 16th on the Community Campus in Hailey. This is an awesome opportunity for girls to play chess.  

WHENAPRIL 16, 11 am
WHERE: Community Campus, Hailey Idaho
COST: $10.00
FREE SIDE EVENTS: Movies Searching for Bobby Fischer” & “Knights of the Bronx” & “Brooklyn Castle”
INFORMATION:  Contact Adam Porth, 450-9048, email
or Alise Pemsler: 


Boys outnumber girls by nearly 20-1 in the chess world. 
Research shows that playing chess dramatically improves student math and science. Some of the educational benefits of chess include: Improved IQ scores, problem solving ability, concentration, and critical thinking skills. Test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes. 
Chess can seem to be a male sport, and some suggest females “shy away from math-oriented careers because of previous experiences with stereotypes threat in math-related situations.”
We encourage girls to play chess and create situations where they are not isolated in a group of boys. According to Chess Power: “Girls are far more social than boys and tend to feel most comfortable in supportive and positive company with other girls.”

I hope that you can help us get the word out. Thank you 

Girl's Only Tournament

Flyer here

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2016 Girls Only Tournament

Saturday, April 16th

11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Community Campus, Hailey

  • K-12th grade Championship Section, US Chess Rated, 4SS, G/45;d5(RR if nec.)
  • Unrated 6-8th grade section, 5SS, G/30;d5
  • Unrated K-3 & 4-5th grade section, 5SS, G/30;d5

Meet 2016 Idaho Scholastic Girls Champion - Carmen Pemsler!

Round Times:
  • Champ. Sect. 11 am, 12:30 pm, 2 pm, 3:30 pm, Awards follow
  • Grade Sect. 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, Awards follow

  • Championship Section 1st - 3rd place overall
  • Unr. 6-8th grade section 1st - 3rd place overall
  • Unr. 4-5th grade section 1st - 3rd place overall
  • Unr. K-3rd grade section 1st - 3rd place overall  
  • Medals for top half of each section.

Registration:  $10.00 per player/ $25.00 per family.  Scholarships available.  US Chess Membership required for Championship Section only.

Games: Chess sets provided (clocks provided to Championship Section), touch move rule.  No Insufficient Losing Chances rule.  No Local Rules.

Tie-break Order:  G/5 playoff, if time permits.  Modified Median, Solkoff,  Cumulative, Cumulative of Opposition.

Byes:  Maximum 1 half point bye, Rounds 1-5.

Free Side Events:  
  • Movies in Community Campus Theater (“Searching for Bobby Fischer” & “Knights of the Bronx” & “Brooklyn Castle”).
  • “Interrupted” Simuls - play Fred Bartell and Barry Eacker while you wait for next round, go play your round, then return to finish simul game.  Medals awarded to each winner.
  • Play giant chess.
  • Analysis by ICU chess players - Fred Bartell & Barry Eacker.

Other Information:
  • Parents - bring work out clothes and visit the BCRD Fitworks located in the Community Campus while your student plays (Free Day Pass).  
  • Community Campus Cafe will be open (food, snacks, espresso, coffee, etc.)
  • Banana/Nutela Crepes.

Door prizes and other perks donated by Idaho merchants!

On-site Registration:  8:00 am - 10:00 am

Mr. Adam Porth,
1060 Fox Acres Rd.
Hailey, ID 83333
Phone: (208) 450-9048
TD:  Alise Pemsler

**By entering the tournament, permission is given to the organizers to use photos for publicity and news on the world wide web, newspapers, and school literature.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Let the excitement Begin

We have eleven players signed up to play in the Idaho State Scholastic Championship.  We do not have an elementary team, but only one 5th grader from Bellevue Elementary is playing - Darwin Porth.  Quentin Van Law, Otto Olson, and River Shepard are playing as a 6th grade team and there are 7 players in the K-12 Section.  Players from SCHS include:

  • Andre Murphy
  • Wesley Brimstein
  • Dylan Porth
  • Kevin Cabrito
  • Ethan Harris
  • Tyson Spellman
  • Zac McStay
I hope we attract a couple of stragglers as I encourage even our beginners to play in this tournament.  It tends  to work against us as a team and we would fare better if I brought just my highest rated players, but we need to encourage more players to engage in tournaments and shouldn't be afraid as coaches and organizers to welcome newcomers/amateurs.  After all, we are all amateurs!  How many Expert and Master level players do we have in Idaho?  Maybe 5?  We plan on having the same fun with a trip to the mall, Krispy Kreme donuts, and the Capital Bldg.  Cheer us on!

Chess Club Attendance

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chess Club Tournament

Remember we are having a chess tournament at club - The Spring Warmup in preparation for the State Tournament which is next week (March 12). I also need a head count to prepare for the State Tournament so decide now if you are going. Tomorrow's tournament will feature 4SS G/30 D0. Donations only and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place over all prizes + 1 raffle item.

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