Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have been a very busy slacker lately.  Maybe I will get to posting when things calm down.  School is underway and the chess club is clambering for a meeting, but I am coaching WRMS boys soccer and have little time after school nowadays.  We will begin on Wednesday, Oct. 13.  Club will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays thereafter.

National Chess Day on October 9 and to celebrate I am planning a Wood River Weekend Progressive tournament, however, this will be our kick off.  Please see the WRHS Chess Club website and experience our new calender and chess club video.  Our facebook page is still underway and we have lot's of great ideas to get things rolling.  We are planning a car wash to raise some funds as we are $290 in the red. Also we want to earn some bread for our planned tournaments.  Our highlight of the year will be if we can get a team to the National High School Championship, April 29-May1.  If you have some extra money laying around, please donate!  I am going to build comrade-ship by taking the club to a ropes course.

This year I plan to bug the administration to allow a 1 credit elective Chess Class for next year.  With a bit of planning, we just might get it.

My next post is going to address on-line cheating.

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