Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy National Chess Day, Oct. 9

Our little 12 player National Chess Day Tourney
President Gerald Ford set October 9th, 1976 aside as a day "To give special recognition to a game that generates challenge, intellectual stimulation, and enjoyment for citizens of all ages."  For the 2010 ICA Wood River Progressive Weekend, it was exactly that.  The 2nd annual Wood River Weekend was held on October 9 on National Chess Day.  The tournament attracted 8th grade scholastic players up to the usual, and much older ICA Crowd.  There were challenges for the players and the TD.  Not to mention the intellectual stimulation provided by the games and the contestants.  
Winner Jeff Baggett (4.0 pts.)
The tournament boasted a unique time control that "progressively" got longer as the day wore on.  Round 1 was G/30, Round 2 was G/60, Round 3 was G/90, and Round 4 was G/120.  I think that most players liked the games getting progressively longer, however, I noticed it was difficult for most to make the jump from the 3 hour games to the 4 hour games as most were finished within 2 1/2 hours. After trying to figure out how to upload the tournament for rating with the USCF, it was decided that this would be the last rated time control of the sort.  The weather and views were beautiful on Saturday and as players gathered at Wood River High School, players were reminded of the other activities available in between rounds - the Trailing of the Sheep Festival.  It certainly seemed like fall as the games started!
Trailing of Sheep Festival
For me, Round 1 placed me against Chase Hutchinson and I solidly won.  Chase is an up-and-coming freshman in our chess club and is already learning a lot about chess tactics, however, he needs to pay attention to tactics used against him.  Discovered attacks and pins seemed to be the main problem for his game against me.  In Round 2, I played a very strong game against Jeff Baggett, with an even end game, me in a better position, but Jeff with tempo.  I came under time trouble as the flag began to lift and edged toward the final fall.  I lost the game as I hurriedly tried to gain tempo and a flea carcass holding the flag up.

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In game 3, I was able to win against Kevin in another solid game.  Against Sean Manross of California, an experienced international player, I fell apart and never had a chance due to really bad moves on my part.  And I mean really bad moves!  I don't think I put one piece in an optimum position during the opening.
Sean Manross comes all the way from California to play in Idaho tournaments

Chase Hutchinson gets his first taste of non-scholastic chess

Kevin Patterson gets a draw in Round 2 

1Jeff M. BaggettID1606W7W6W2W541st Place Cash
2Sean ManrossCA1809W3W5L1W632nd Place Cash
3Nick Jon BruckID1041L2W10W9W731st Student Trophy
4Fred BartellID1645W9D8L5W113rd Place Cash
5Barry D. EackerID1600W10L2W4L12
6Adam PorthID1229W11L1W8L22
7Taylor WaltonID802L1W11W10L32
8Kevin R. PattersonID1270W12D4L6D92
9Katie Rae PattersonID979L4W12L3D82nd Student Trophy
10Desmond PorthID685L5L3L7W1213rd Student Trophy
11Chase Russsell HutchinsonIDUnr.L6L7W12L41
12Jake WhitlockIDUnr.L8L9L11L100

1st place $50-Jeff Baggett(4.0), 2nd place $38-Sean Manross, 3rd place $25-Fred Bartell, 1st place trophy Nick Bruck, 2nd place trophy Katie Patterson, 3rd place trophy Desmond Porth.

Nick Bruck plays Sean Manross into the endgame

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