Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chess Club News

Think Like a King workouts had 3 kids on it all night!  I really like the way the kids stayed focused on the program while chess club was going.  They alternated between games as there was an odd number of players.

Two new players:  welcome Evan Puluti & Josh Whitlock!

We had 13 kids show up.  Chris was on fire and quietly won all his games.  Nick brought rice krispy treats for everyone and then proceeded to slam all who challenged him including me into the tabletops!  I did not pay attention to my last blog post and was helping a student with Physical Science and carelessly blundered a bishop and my position in one swoop against Nick.

Erwin enjoyed playing the kids and rocketed through 4 games before he faced me.  I was ornery after my game with Nick and Erwin did not have a chance.  Nothing was going to deter me from focusing on the game - even my son's stomach as 6:30 pm approached.  I ended with a trick-or- treat bag filled with pawns and promoted queens (I hope Barry and Garrett don't read this post!). 

A great showing and fun for all.  See you Thursday.

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