Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday Chess Club

It was a bit serious tonight with Nick, Chris, Andrew, and Joey playing quiet, reflective games in preparation for the Southern Open in Twin Falls.  The evening was full, however with 28 kids piled into my room playing chess games.  Once again, I was too busy teaching openings and the chess rules to various individuals to really pay attention to how everyone's games were going, but I assume well after entering scores on TLAK.

A warm welcome to new members:  Salomon Baeza & Maxx Bates.

We now have a total of 27 kids!!  With each night attracting several guests, the chess club is growing and is one of the strongest organizations at WRHS. 

Jill Clark called from the middle school to find out about tournaments and I directed her to my website.  Maybe a more active middle school will follow?

In other news, there seems to be very good support of actually having a chess class offered in night school.  I have a four page proposed curriculum and will soon post it at The Chessnut Website.  Hopefully it will be a 1 credit humanities elective.  I think I will be able to move our team and the chess club further in their chess education, which is at the moment piece-meal at best, but with enormous enthusiasm.

The National Scholastic tournament in December will feature 3 Idaho kids from my chess club.  My very own Dylan and Desmond.

I am a bit nevous about tomorrow's Southern Open.  I have not played very well this week on the net or over the board.  We'll soon see. . .

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