Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garrett Reynolds decisively wins Erwin Kett Invitational

            Erwin Kett, Hailey, treated students of the WRHS Chess Club to a relaxing day of chess, free from the competiveness of formal tournaments at his house on Saturday, June 19.  Erwin is a long time supporter of the WRHS Chess Club and has volunteered his time and money to support students of the high school in their scholastic chess endeavors.  Invited to participate were WRHS alumni and graduates, and friends of the chess club.  The venue attracted BSU graduate student and two-time State Champion, Garrett Reynolds and other chess notables such as Jeff Roland, Boise and Jeff Baggett, Ketchum.
            The event totaled 18 kids and adults and featured four rounds of G/60 games.  G/60 means that each player gets 1 hour to complete their game.  These were relatively slow time controls for the high school students, but rather fast controls for the adults who are used to playing four to six hour tournament games.  Award sections were broken down into juniors, high schoolers, and adults with all players playing each other in one open section.
            The tournament was Rocky Mountain Chess rated with no significant upsets.  Garrett Reynolds coasted with four wins.  In between rounds, he helped players and analyzed games providing welcomed learning.  Four players tied with three points:  Jamie Lang, Shane Taylor, Jeff Baggett, and Jeff Roland.  Former WRHS Champion, Nick Bruck finished in 6th place with 2.5 points, claimed the top high school position.  Desmond Porth, 1.5 points finished as the top junior.
            Alumni present included WRHS Champion Taylor Walton,  Bughouse Champion Kitt Connor, Blitz Champion Danny Mills, and Tyler Jaramillo.  Souvenir trophies were provided by Adam Porth and lunch for all players was provided for by the Kett’s.  For other local chess events or to support the WRHS Chess Club, contact Adam Porth, 450-9048 or visit the WRHS Chess Club website:  www.wix.com/aporth/WRHS-Chess-Club. 

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