Saturday, August 7, 2010

The 2010 ICA President's Cup July 31-Aug 1
Twin Falls ID
Nicholas Brown of Boise wins Prez Cup.  Outrated but not outplayed as 2.0/3 earns the Cup.  Paul Edvalson wins small blitz event 6.5/8
Final Four

  • Nicholas Ross Brown      2.0/3
  • Hugh S Myers            1.5/3
  • Barry D Eacker           1.5/3
  • Tom R Booth              1.0/3

  • Paul F Edvalson         6.5/8
  • Fred Bartell               4.5/8
  • Glen Buckendorf           1.0/8
results are a courtesy of Idaho Chess Union.

My performance was horrid with only one draw in the qualifying rounds (G/29).  I arrived late for the first round, unbathed, unfed, and not looking forward to playing and I ran out of time. My second game produced a blunder with less than 2 minutes remaining on my clock, I still ran out of time.  In the third game, I listfully played Katie Patterson and gave up lot's of material for a true loss.  After some lunch and a refreshing latte, I played Kevin Patterson to a true draw and lost my final round to Kurt Douglas after wrecking him.  Of course, time pressure crushed me and I made some mistakes in my under 30 seconds of play which caused me to lose on time again.  Blah!  I guess I need to play more blitz or to play in longer game controls only.

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