Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nick Bruck (1st place 12th grader with 4.0 pts.)

Great Job, Nick!
Nick seemed introspective and ready to do the business at hand.  I am proud of how serious he treated these games.  He got to bed early and was thoughtfully going over games in his head.  Nick is becoming a leader as well.  Occasionally, he would interject in practice games of his teammates to demonstrate a better move.  Nick is preparing for the National High School Championship at the end of April where he will be competing for an individual prize for his age, rating, and the WRHS team.  His performance in this tournament was outstanding and he nearly won the state championship.  He indicated to me afterwards, "We need to look at Fried Liver, again."   Here is his round 1 game up to where several moves weren't recorded.

Round 2:

Round 5:

Nick looks tired after earning 4.0 points

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