Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Octopus wins the Idaho Open

The Octopus
Greg Nowak (a.k.a. the octopus) wins the Idaho Open with 3.5 points.  Mr. Nowak is from Montana and appreciates his nickname so much that bumper stickers were made in his honor:  "I lost to the Octopus, but I his genius rubbed off!"
Sean Manross(left) came from Cali to play
Other than being so tired after coaching soccer and then driving 3 hours to the tournament, I cannot explain my Saturday losses, but I am very glad that I ended in 8th place after Sundays wins.  Whew!  I was ready to hang up my kings and queens after this confidence shaker!
Miles and Desmond learned a lot at  this tournament
Overall, the tournament was very hard with a tough Utah contingent of kids and adults that rattled the Idaho regulars and brought much needed diversity of play to the Open. 

Open Section
1Gregory W. NowakMT2114W7D2-H-W6D31st
2Sean ManrossCA1906W6D1W3L4D532nd-5th (tie)
3Alan E. KobernatCA2021-H-W5L2W8D132nd-5th (tie)
4Frank NiroOR1700-H-W8L6W2D732nd-5th (tie)
5Gary OwenWY1589-B-L3D7W9D232nd-5th (tie)
6Fred BartellID1600L2-B-W4L1D8
7Barry D. EackerID1612L1W9D5-H-D4
8Clancey George BlackUT1233-H-L4W9L3D62
9Stephen Rex BlackUT1194-H-L7L8L5-B-

U1400 Reserve Section
1Gary HollingsworthID1277-H-W7W10W6D341st
2Rhett StephensID455D5W4W12L3W62nd-3rd (tie)
3Matthew McConnellIDUnr.L10W14W9W2D12nd-3rd (tie)
4Miles Perry HendrixID1085-H-L2W7W12D53
5Rannyn R. StephensIDUnr.D2L13W8D11D4
6Gatlin Scott BlackUT760-H-W8W11L1L2
7Desmond PorthID715-H-L1L4W14W12
8Adam PorthID1312-H-L6L5W9W11
9Nicholas Marc HarrisonID647W13L10L3L8W142
10Cindy HansonIDUnr.W3W9L1-N--N-2
11Carly Sophia AtkinsonUT160-B-D12L6D5L82
12Jacob Ari NathanIDUnr.W14D11L2L4L7
13Jared Lee ArpIDUnr.L9W5-N--N--N-1
14Robert PerkelIDUnr.L12L3-H-L7L9½

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