Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chess Club

We had ten students and Bughouse was the game of choice  (clocks came out after the first game).

We made posters and a bulletin board
It is finally here!  Chess Club begins at last.  We popped the popcorn and then began strategizing for the year.  I informed the players of the tournaments for the year (including the ICA tournaments and our goal for 2013, USCF Scholastic SuperNationals).  We also decided to expand the resume-building and college-application titles:  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Nominations included everyone in attendance vying for all of the titles.  We plan to elect whomever gets the most votes for a particular title and I plan to have ballots ready for next week.
Good for a Halloweeny theme
We also created an bulletin board "Beware of Chess, Brain Food."  This is a nice idea which embodies society's ironic admiration of thought and thinking, but their apprehension and fear of embracing it.  Especially their prejudices toward chess players ("those nerds!").  Each member chose a chess quote and wrote their name on a gyrus.  The gyrus and sulci of the brain are the ridges and valleys, respectively.  Our brain even included the pre and post-central gyrus upon which I signed and provide my favorite quote:  "Avoid the crowd.  Do your thinking independently.  Be the chess player and not the chess piece."  After we completed the bulletin board, we settled in for some Bughouse and more popcorn.

Chess Club will meet on Thursdays, afterschool until 5:30 pm, in my room C214 and it is open to everyone.

Our theme song for the year:

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