Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chess Places

I must go see this at the Paris Opera!
I am traveling to Paris, France this next week and came across this list of places to play chess.  I will be staying near the east side of Nanterre Park and I hope to find a cafe or park to enjoy a game.
 Any takers or other places I should know about?  (I will literally wet myself if I bump into Sophie Millet or Almira Skripchenko!)

  • Paris: Luxembourg Park, near the North West corner. Tables don't always exist so people put there boards and clocks between chairs. Big turnout.
  • Paris: Leeloo writes "Cafe called 'Le Cloitre', 19 rue St Jacques in the 5th Quarter by Notre-Dame Cathedral. Lot of tough players."
  • Paris: Suresh C.G writes "When I was a student in Paris (nearly 20 years ago!!), I used to haunt a chess café in Paris called "Chez Max", near Porte d'Orleans. The street name I forgot (it was something like Rue d'Edureil, I think..) Would you have any clue about this place? I have such fond memories of the café.... I live in India and I have been wanting to get in touch with this place for quite some time. "
  • Paris Polly Wright writes: Le Damier de L'Opera, 7 rue Lafayette, Paris is a wonderful chess shop with lots of books, and chess sets. The owner speaks English quite well, and will give you a list of all the chess clubs in Paris. The list includes and addresses and phone numbers. Unfortunately I didn't discover the store until late in my trip so I didn't get to go to any of the clubs on the list. When you're traveling with a non-chess playing husband, and you have limited time left in a city, chess club tours take a backseat to museums, and churches.
I stumbled upon this website that had a grand list of places to play chess.  A wonderful database - I sent some places in Idaho for his list.

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