Saturday, May 12, 2012

WRHS Championship going on right now!

Here in my classroom, I am monitoring our last two games between Max Mihalic and Chase Hutchinson, right now.  What is really neat is that while my club players are vying for the WRHS Championship title, I also have the US Championships live streaming on my Promethean board.  Very cool!

The last games are going to decide the second place winner - just how we like it - tension and pressure in the last round for four of the five participating players.  Desmond ended with 6.5 points and is untouchable, but Christoffer went 1-and-1 with Max during the last round which puts Christoffer at 4.5 points and Chase at 3.0 points.  Chase could potentially knock Christoffer out of second place with two wins.  If Max wins just one game, then Christoffer wins second place.  With two wins for Max, there will be a three way tie for third and some run-off games.

With 5 other people not showing up we decided to go for a double round robin with each person playing every other person once as white and once as black.

Max Mihalic
Christoffer Mauritzen
Chase Hutchinson
Riley Clark
Desmond Porth

I am also updating on Facebook.

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