Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Exciting Blitz Game

This is a really exciting game that I just played on Gameknot.  I blundered a piece and then fought hard to regain my composure and created a decoy to win his queen.  My heart rate went up, I actually sweat, and was thrilled with my focus (after I lost bishop).  But maybe that wasn't so bad?  I hope you enjoy this game - please comment.  No trolls please!  I am really proud of this game with a chap from India whom eventually resigned.


  1. Nice comeback. :) By the way, when I was looking at your game, after 16...Qd8, 19.Qh5 does win. But also noticed another possibility (though not as strong I think) -- 19.Nxh7. Anyway, good game sir. You pulled off a sweet combo to compensate for missing the tactic in move 19.


  2. Thanks for your nice comments. I hope to be posting again soon, but new school job and all . . .


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