Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chess Camp Simul

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
This summer I had the distinct pleasure of performing a simul for the chess rage day camp held in June.  My intent was to provide an educational and memorable experience and it proved to be just that and more for the kids involved.  I was proud of the way they played and some even recorded the game to completion.  The exhibition lasted for nearly two hours and I really had to be careful for some of the nifty moves they pulled out.  I let the kids choose which color they wanted, explained the rule and etiquette, and then, coffee cup in hand, I shook hands and moved clockwise from one eager player to another.  As players capitulated and the numbers dwindled, the counselors began supporting the remaining players and I suddenly found the games becoming more challenging.  Sarah Feldman fought to the end and was finally checkmated.  Connor Manning was the last player in the simul and very excited during the entire time.  My counselors were mostly scattered with the other kids while Andre, Matka, and Des remained with Connor and counseled him well.  I let Connor ask yes and know questions of the counselors and before you knew it, the sorted group crushed me.  Connor was the only student to beat me.  He received a blue rosette ribbon for his efforts and he gladly and confidently accepted it during awards.

Teaching mode before the simul 
I heard coffee is bad for males this summer . . . I don't believe it.

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