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December Tournaments: WIO

The Western Idaho Open is one of the earliest tournaments in December and draws all the usual Boise suspects, and of course, the Porth's.  This time however, there were some new faces.  I counted eight that have never played in a tournament that I have attended.  It was of great interest to everyone that David Lucky attended as he is rated upwards near a master (2375).  The next highest rated player was Caleb Kircher (1882), Boise and H.G. Pitre (1879), of Seattle.
One of the coolest chess names ever - Dave Lucky!

 This is a great tournament for us because we can complete our Christmas shopping and Darwin can spend time in the pool as we stay overnight near the mall every year before Chrismas.  With Desmond, Dylan, Darwin, and me possessing ratings under 1400, we all qualified for the Reserve, which we happily entered.  I would like to play up, however, 'tis the season that demands lot's of cash and the lure of the prize money stopped me.
Could someone please make a decision?  Looks a bit tied up to me,
Twenty-two players were in the open section and I was surprised when the tournament commenced and there were only 7 players in the reserve section - more than half are the Porth's.  I was expecting the four more U1400 players in the open section to go for the cash, but some players prefer harder games and the chance at increasing their rating significantly, so they played up. Jeff Roland was an outstanding tournament director and also played at or near the top boards in the open section.  It is very difficult to be a director and a player at the same time.  Time trouble is usually common.
Miss Carmen
In fact, I was impressed with the performance of #4, 5, 6 (Carmen Pemsler, Jeff Roland, and Shane Taylor).  As I walked around in between my moves, their games looked great and there moves very solid.  I suspect that any of these players might enjoy the State Championship coming up in February as they are capable of earning the title.  It is clear that they can beat anyone in the state.

In the last round, Caleb Kircher earned a point from an early blunder by James Inman on move 11!  James and Caleb both usually play at a much higher level in tournaments, so I suspect that they were distracted . . .or something.
Caleb's nasty pin against veteran player, James Inman.


It was a group effort with the Porth's that brought home for the first time 1st - 3rd place.  Also, there were three teachers battling with 2 being of the math persuasion and one of science. After driving from 5 am and arriving just in time for round 1 to start, I played a miserable game that resulted in a draw between Mike Healy and myself (see below).  4. ..Qa5+ would have won a piece!  6. ..Qa5+?  What's wrong with Kxf7?  N...O...THING!!  As the competition neared a close, it was with great joy that I collected money (prize winnings) that paid for our entry fee and our hotel.

Aerial from the Goodyear Blimp

Open Section
1David LuckyEagle2375W19W21W9W3W55$180.00
2Graeme K. FaulknerBoise1329L10W6W11W12W94$90.00
3H.G. PitreSeattle, WA1879W6W10W5L1D4$33.75
4Carmen PemslerEagle1610W18-H-W15D9D3$33.75
5Jeffrey T. RolandBoise1703W17W15L3W16L13
6Shane TaylorBoise1473L3L2W19W15W173
7Chris AmenBoise1594W20L12D13D14W163
8Dale R. BowdenBoise1621W22L9-H-D18W103
9Eric WoroOntario, OR1761W14W8L1D4L2
10Jarod N. BuusNampa1671W2L3-H-W13L8
11Kevin YangBoise1487L15W17L2W21D14
12John CarrVictor1745D16W7-N-L2W20
13Corey Kenneth LonghurstBoise1410L21W20D7L10W18
14Jamie LangMeridian1470L9W22-H-D7D11
15Caleb Paul KircherNampa1882W11L5L4L6W212
16David Allen ZaklanTwin Falls1442D12D19W21L5L72
17Jacob Ari NathanIdaho Falls1391L5L11W22W19L62
18Justin SiekBoise925L4-B--H-D8L132
19Kenneth SandersonBoise1577L1D16L6L17W22
20Joetta FaulknerBoise847L7L13-H-W22L12
21James InmanNampa1724W13L1L16L11L151
22Matthew William WhiteBoise1203L8L14L17L20L190

Reserve (U1400) Section
1Desmond PorthBellevue1308W3W4L2W5W64$78.75
2Adam PorthBellevue1363D5W7W1W4D34$78.75
3Dylan PorthBellevue818L1W5W6-B-D2$45.00
4Roger HunterNyssa, OR1112W6L1W7L2-B-3
5Michael HealyBoise833D2L3-B-L1W7
6Oliver Eli NathanIdaho Falls462L4-B-L3W7L12
7Darwin Albert PorthBellevue432-B-L2L4L6L51


Open Section
1David Lucky2375511½710½41½
2Graeme K. Faulkner1329413½81138
3H.G. Pitre18791714½51
4Carmen Pemsler1610633½
5Jeffrey T. Roland1703314½12½46
6Shane Taylor147331311½36½
7Chris Amen1594311½71031
8Dale R. Bowden16213423
9Eric Woro17611810½10½50½
10Jarod N. Buus1671139937
11Kevin Yang148711½32½
12John Carr174510½29
13Corey Kenneth Longhurst141029½
14Jamie Lang147085525
15Caleb Paul Kircher188221339½
16David Allen Zaklan1442211½35
17Jacob Ari Nathan13912107726½
18Justin Siek9252925½
19Kenneth Sanderson1577127733½
20Joetta Faulkner84722½
21James Inman17241147941½
22Matthew William White1203010½625½

Reserve (U1400) Section
1Desmond Porth130841311½39
2Adam Porth136341211½38
3Dylan Porth81811½11½34½
4Roger Hunter111231061033
5Michael Healy83311½36½
6Oliver Eli Nathan4622106632½
7Darwin Albert Porth4321106630½

I always thought Jamie Lang looked like a beardless me.

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