Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NGIT Short

Dylan did a fine job at the NGIT. "It was very different than other Nationals in that every game was really, really hard," says Dylan. She earned 1.5 points of 6 points. The other two Idaho kids scored 1.0 point, Justin Seik - Barber Tournament, and Nathan Jiang scored 2.0 points in the Denker Tournament. These were the highest rated tournaments ever held for the 3 events with most contestants rated over 1800! Justin Seik earned $100 for the largest upset in his won game. Great job to all and we look forward to next year's successes. Dylan opted to also play in the 6-day US Open which continues 2 games per day against the best. Additionally, GM Alex Lenderman wanted her to be his mixed double partner but "Dad" already had her signed up with him and the USCF wouldn't switch the partners. That would have been very neat and she might have gotten a few lessons off him!

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