Thursday, May 20, 2010

Championship nears an end

The games are getting exciting and Andrew is beginning to calculate the possible outcomes.  I see much more confidence displayed among the players and a propensity to pay more attention to each others games.  Tonight, the boys actually analyzed a game between Miles and Andrew.  Chess Club is really bringing these kids together and they are being nicer to one another, as well as supporting one another more.  It makes me proud to see the growth.  Danny Mills (former Blitz and Bughouse Champion) visited with Junior Hidalgo.  Danny still has the knack for seeing sound, winning strategies and decisively beat me down in a game.  Julia is beginning to grow as a player as well.  She is showing me and the team her support by wearing our club shirt at the Las Vegas Open. That's right . . . her mom is bringing her to this prestigious tournament in June.  I hope she has a great experience there and doesn't let her enthusiasm wane during those tough games.

Standings in the WRHS Championship are (so far):
1st place  Nick Bruck, 5.0 (done)
2nd place Taylor Walton, 4.0 (2 games left - Miles and Esdras)
3rd place Andrew Uriarte, 3.0 (1 game left - Tyler)
4th place Miles Hendrix, 2.0 (2 games left - Taylor and Tyler)
5th place Tyler Jaramillo, 2.0 (2 games left - Miles and Andrew)
6th place Liam Skye, 1.0 (done)
7th place Esdras Santiago (1 game left - Taylor)
Good Luck on Tuesday, guys!

Nick, Taylor, Andrew and I discussed the championship next year.  Some important notes:  1.  All players will be required to keep score, 2.  We will start two weeks earlier next year.

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