Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taylor Walton wins WRHS Chess Championship!

Miles and Taylor square off
      Taylor Walton (5.0) almost did not make it to the final section, but in an executive decision by Pres. Nick Bruck and Advisor Adam Porth, he did.  Fortuitously for Taylor!  He maintained a renewed focus and practiced his guitar and chess on a daily basis, according to his father.   It sure showed up in his tournament games for the championship.  He wins a mahogany board, a nice trophy, and a place in WRHS history on the perpetual plaque.
       Defending champion, Nick Bruck (5.0) earns second place with only one loss to Taylor.  In the game against Taylor, recording mistakes prevented Taylor from continuing record keeping and put Nick in time trouble.  In the future, it was decided that all participants in the championship will be required to record in order to claim a win, loss, or draw.  Nick wins a trophy and a Saitek digital clock.
       Andrew Uriarte (4.0) won third place after a win against Tyler Jaramillo (3.0).  Andrew wins a trophy and Chessmaster 9000.  Senior Tyler Jaramillo leaves our Chess Club program with a fourth place book by Emmanuel Lasker, Common Sense in Chess and some great memories.  I think he was happy to win third place as he wanted to win that program.  Esdras Santiago (2.0) and Miles Hendrix (2.0) were welcome participants and played tough games against all competitors.

Standings in the WRHS Championship are:
1st place  Taylor Walton, 5.0 
2nd place Nick Bruck, 5.0 
3rd place Andrew Uriarte, 4.0 
4th place Tyler Jaramillo, 3.0 
5th place Miles Hendrix, 2.0 
6th place Liam Skye, 1.0 
7th place Esdras Santiago, 0

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