Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 ICA Idaho Closed Chess Championship First Day

I have actually been preparing for this tournament for the past few weeks and it seems to be paying off.  After two rounds today, I proudly served up 1.5 pts.  Both of which from 1700 level players.  With such a strong start, I hope the tournament winds don't turn south on me.
2011 Idaho Closed
Defending Champion, Larry Parsons
It is so nice to be around all of these chess players.  Everyone has familiar and friendly faces to me, now and it is a pleasure to goof around, talk smack, and hear stories.   There are twenty-nine very unique individuals here in Twin Falls competing for the State Championship.  Jay Simonson opened the tournament with some encouraging words and then a short tribute to Larry Parsons who is defending champion and waiting to play.  Co-champion, Phil Weyland is a student at Boise State University and could not get away.  Interestingly, the other co-champion, Jason Evers, aka Doitchin Krastev  is in prison for assuming the identity of a murdered three year old, and won't be playing this year.  He certainly seemed like a nice guy when I met him last year.  I remember he gave me some encouraging words before my match with Caleb Kircher at the 2010 Idaho Closed.  
Jeff Roland
Me playing Jeff(on right)

Round 1 played me against Jeff Roland, 1703.  I truly was afraid to play against Jeff in an over-the-board game.  He is sort of a mentor, as he was my first introduction to the Idaho Chess Association, and is now a close friend.  After 20 moves, I offered a draw and it was accepted.  There just was not much happening in the game for either of us and this certainly was a reasonable result, as you can see below.

Also in round 1, Dylan played Barry Eacker and had him eating up enormous amounts of time in a tight situation that Dylan just did not maintain after she moved her Knight to g5 on move 12.  This allowed Barry e5.  She ended with a loss, however, Barry passed me a note while I was playing Jeff, "Dylan played really good!"
Position after 11.  Bf4 . . 
Barry plays Dylan
Kevin(left) and Desmond
Desmond had two tough games against very difficult opponents, Hugh Myers (rnd 1) and Kevin Patterson (rnd 2).  He played long and hard, but succumbed to endgame tactics which he struggles with.
Des playing Hugh Myers
Caleb Kircher
Round 2 pitted me against Caleb Kircher, 1760, in a strange endgame that had many moments where my face felt flush and I would feel the sweat pooling in my armpits.  After I offered a draw on move 43, Caleb scoffed and said, "I should because I played so poorly."  But he didn't and I was now determined to find a perpetual check at this point and spent 5 minutes working it out.  But what I found was an unstoppable checkmate!

Kitt Conner came from the College of Idaho to play.  Kitt is a former student and player from WRHS and I am glad to see him.  My kids grew up in chess with Kitt and Dylan immediately began clinging on his long arms, stretching them even further.  I feel bad that he has to study Imperialism while he plays.  I thought he was going to beat Jeff Baggett but then the dreaded subtleties of the endgame squash any hope for anyone without tremendous endgame experience.
Kitt Conner

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  1. Hey Adam thanks for not giving me a bad time about the loss. I just wanted to take a second to encourage you and say man you really have improved and your hard work is paying of. I now know not to underestimate you anymore when I sit down to play you and you will make every effort to give anyone your best game. Congratulations on your success and heres hoping we play again sometime soon! I will be better prepared and more focused next time I sit down to play you. And take a draw if that situation comes up again.


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