Friday, February 4, 2011

Chess960 or Fischer Random Chess

“Chess960 is healthy and good for your chess. If you get into it and not just move the pieces to achieve known positions it really improves your chess vision.”
-- GM Levon Aronian

Next week Wednesday we will embark on Chess960, a variant of chess that actually helps your chess vision.  Invented in the 70's by Bobby Fischer, Chess960, or Fischer Random Chess as it was known, randomizes the back rank with the following caveat, the king must be placed between the two rooks.  In this way, castling to the a-side or the h-side is possible.  When castling in Chess960, the king and rook end up on the squares that they would normally end up on.  All else is the same.  To learn more about how to play go here:

On Wednesday Club Nite, we will play one game of Chess960 and then create a mini-tournament for whomever would like to stay and play.  I will supply a trophy to the winner of the tournament.  I have a chess960 application that will be used to randomize the board.  SS G/10.


  1. Hi ya Adam
    I'm just a Chess960 enthusiast on the other side of the planet. Let us know how your Chess960 night went! It's great to hear that people are getting together and giving 960 a go. Personally I think Chess960 is great.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Adam.
    I am with Harry on this and I also support Chess960.We are working on a Chess960 site that offers a variety of live game options.The site is available for games as we work on adding features.
    Support Chess960.
    Thank you


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