Sunday, May 1, 2011

My team DESTROYS! (and other antics)

And I mean literally! Yesterday morning, Miles was getting pumped up for the games, while Andrew, Shane, and Alex laid in bed and decided it was too early to get up.  Miles runs across the room waving his arms wildly, yelling "Get Up!" and performs a triple-gainer, landing spread eagle on Shane.  There is a delayed "crack" and I watch in slow motion as the bed collapses.  Shane goes, "what the hell?", Andrew goes, "nice . . .", Alex chortles a laugh with his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, Miles goes "Oops."  And they all slowly look at me.  Being that the third round is beginning and I don't want them thinking of the bed they just broke, I go, "I can fix that."

I also spend time trying to find lost items.  Alex left his clock in the tournament hall the day before, another a sweatshirt, multiple-anothers their card keys (we have used nearly 15 keys!), another his wallet, and another a t-shirt.  Andrew forgot his swimming trunks and swims in his boxers.  They all forget to eat or drink enough, so I remind them constantly to stay nourished.  And some even forget that playing an unfamiliar opening may make the matches harder than they already are.

This morning the team meets in my room for breakfast and began playing some warmup games while they fought over the cereal brands and which pawn to push.  Shane gets up to go find his sweatshirt and trips over a board bag, tipping the flatscreen t.v. to at least 75 degrees, and gets tangled up on Miles feet and begins to trample him like mule on a cowboy.  "Shane . . .What the frick!"  yells Miles, and Nick points out that Shane ripped his pants in the fray.  Alex says, "that's the fourth pair in a week . . ."

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