Friday, May 13, 2011

Trying to Catch Up!

Here are some of the Great times we had at the National Chess Championship:
Pre-tournament wild boys!

Desmond(left) and Andrew(right) feeling USCF!

Miles(left) and Desmond(right) engaged in early morning warmup.

"Let's have a good fight, never resign!  Break!"

The future leaders of our county . . .

Wunderbar Hotel

Miles did it . . .Shane finished the job . . .

Fatigue for round 5

Desmond was consistently the last man standing.

Before Miles gets trampled . . .

Egads . . . 27th place

Alex and Des analyze games.

My daily walk.

. . .did it!

On stage 

WRHS Chess Team

At the country store of Cracker Barrel 
Miles is tired


Chessmen debut

Alexandra Botez kindly provides lessons and friendship.

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