Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Armenia's Gambit or gamble?

Chess is now a compulsory subject in all Armenian schools, including the secondary level (see also  This is great news as many studies have shown how chess can improve all areas of study for students that regularly engage in chess activities.  It appears the Ministry of Education is pledging $1.5 million for textbooks and manuals, equipment such as boards and portable tables, and even salaries for chess teachers.  The ministry indicates that chess will "foster schoolchildren's intellectual development" and improve children's critical thinking skills.

Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian is a chess enthusiast

Ted Winick, President of the Chess institute of Canada, says North American schools should follow the Armenian example as numerous other examples of success can be found in Russia, Cuba, and Quebec (Canada).   After the Armenian World Championship win this past month, it is no wonder that this is an attractive offering to students this next year (see also Armenian Chess Players Rewarded for Championship Win).  Hopefully, this will help my own program grow and develop as more countries and schools continue to adopt chess curricula.

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  1. At first it was only the grade schoolers who are learning how to play chess in Armenia. This time it's great to know that secondary schools in the said place are also having chess as part of the curriculum today. I believe that chess is a big help to schoolchildren as it will help them develop their thinking skills and the way they decide on things. Plus, they will get to know how to be focus while studying their lessons.

    One supporter of the said program is the which promotes the benefits of chess towards kids.


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