Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making Chess More Popular Among High School Students

As we start a new school year, it might behoove the first spirit assemblies to not only celebrate athletes, but also recognize the chess clubbers.  At our school, the assembly organizers include the chess club in their program and from feedback from the kids in the program, the appreciation and recognition is welcomed.  I find that the school climate and culture is better toward chess club news and interest is also generated in the club.  In fact, some schools have even replicated the Saturday Night Live skit.  But, I wonder if the YouTube videos that were uploaded by schools are furthering the stigma of chess or providing a bit of tongue-and-cheek humor that hard-working chess club kids enjoy?  This year, I do plan on bringing our cheerleaders into a scholastic tournament at the start to rev up the fun.  Maybe I will even ask them to perform the SNL skit to the ICA Wood River Progressive tournament this October?  

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