Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming Tournaments

This Saturday, March 10 beginning at 9 a.m., will feature a Spring Warmup chess tournament for K-12th graders, and is sponsored by the WRHS Chess Club and Endgame Clothing, Inc..  The tournament is an annual warm up for the State Scholastic Championship tournament on March 17.  Last year we won second place and we are hoping for similar results this year.   I have several students already signed up for the State competition and none for this weekend's warm-up!

Championship Section
1.        Kalen Moffett  
2.        Max Mihalic (287P)
3.       Matt Reidy          
4.       Christoffer Mouritzen 
5.       Chase Hutchinson (789P)
6.       Desmond Porth (948)
7.       Alexandra Bagley
8.       Real Weatherly
9.       Riley Clark (101P)
10.   Quin Gilman
11. Kyle Mungall
12.  Jake Whitlock
**You guys (and gals) need to check your USCF license!**
6th Grade
1.        Dylan Porth
2.       Thalia Rojas 
3.       Victor Saldiva 
4.       Coleten Weatherly
1st Grade
1.        Darwin Porth

Winners from last years Warmup Tournament

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