Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two tournaments this week!

Third place in State Scholastics this year!
This past week featured two outstanding chess events: the Spring Warm-up and the State Scholastic Championship. The Warm-up is intended to provide practice for students planning to attend the annual Idaho Chess Association's State Scholastic Championship. Interestingly, only elementary and middle school children were able to attend the Spring Warm-up and the games were more fun than competitive. Despite the comradery of the 16 players, competitive trophies were awarded in K-1st grade, 2-3rd grade, and 4-6th grade sections. Winners included, respectively: K-1st - Darwin Porth, Owen Stouffer, and Emmett Stouffer, 2-3rd - Quentin Van Law, Collin Young, Otto Olson, and 4-6th - Garrett Stouffer, Dylan Porth, and Victor Saldiva. Quentin Van Law scored very well with 5.0 points for a perfect tournament record.
A pit stop outside of Mountain Home
Quentin brings home 5 pts.
Students the WRHS Chess Club also traveled to Boise for the ICA's State Scholastic Chess Tournament where the State Chess Champions are crowned for each grade level. Thirteen Wood River students competed against 300 other Idaho students in their respective grades for grade level prizes. Additionally, WRHS and WRMS players were competing for team prizes. Coach Adam Porth indicated, "I am very proud of our players, our teams and their performances." He continued, "We are a young team this year with very little experience and are near to having several students becoming state chess champions." The WRHS Chess Club are three time State Champions, however, they again took home a third place at this year's tournament, narrowly losing second place by 0.5 points. Boise High School won 1st place (see last year's results).
The Old Jackson School 
The WRHS Chess Club did win one state title in the 10th grade category. Chase Hutchinson (3.0 pts.) is the 10th grade State Chess Champion and beat out Matt Reidy in round 5 to earn the award. Last year, Chase won second place.  Matt Reidy ended and Kalen Moffett (both from WRHS) tied for 2nd place, but tie-breaker points placed Kalen in 3rd place. Max Mihalic also scored 2.0 points. In the 9th grade, Desmond Porth (2.5 pts.) earned 3rd place. Jake Whitlock earned 2.5 points and Quin Gilman earned 1.5 points. Half points are earned from "draws" and there are a total of 5.0 points possible. There were no juniors of seniors from WRHS competing.
Skittles while waiting for the tournament to begin
In the middle school section, WRMS had a young team, as well. Sixth graders, Dylan Porth, Colten Weatherly, and Victor Saldiva earned 6th place as a team out of 10 other schools. Wood River was unable to produce an elementary team, however, three elementary students competed in 1st and 2nd grades. Darwin Porth tied for third place with 3.5 pts. but placed 6th due to tie-breaking points. Tie-breaking points are calculated in a variety of ways and consider the results of the players you were paired with. For example, two players with the same number wins will have different tie-breaking points when one persons opponent's were harder. Quentin Van Law earned 3.0 points and Otto Olsen earned 2.0 points.
Waiting for the Games to begin

Game details this whole week.

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