Monday, April 2, 2012

Donate to Chess everywhere

Endgame T-shirt Winner - Desmond Porth!
Desmond is the WRHS Chess Club President and is very active with chess in our school.  He promotes tournaments, raises money and definitely earned this Endgame t-shirt that was donated to our club by the folks at Endgame T-shirts by selling the most Krispy Kreme donuts.  I am a fan of the shirts that they provide chess enthusiasts such as myself and own about 8 different designs.  The company also donated Endgame stickers to all participants of the Spring Warm-up Tournament.  Billy Olson of the Power House also donated a free kids meal to all of the participants which was another nice perk that added to the excitement of the Spring Warm-up tournament.  The Power House also supports Power Chess Night for adults on Monday nights after 8 pm.  Beer, chess, and friends are always a winning combination.  And chess fun is not just for kids!
John Nahlen and Billy Olson
Donations and support from organizations are critical to keep chess active and alive in this country.  Elsewhere, chess is promoted and encouraged among youth and it takes dedication and enthusiasm to maintain excitement in the United States.  This past month, the European Union recently endorsed Chess in the Schools. Chess Clubs abound but they can be hard to find for the average Joe or are relegated to after school or lunch programs exclusively.

 Endgame T-shirts and company's like them are fighting chess stigmas, which pervade our American culture.  They place chess in the appropriate context and someday, chess t-shirts will be as common as sport ones.  Stupid is out - Smart is in - and Chess is cool!  Right, Alexandra?  Support chess.

I would love to play her

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