Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kd7, It's a Bummer . . .Dude

It's a bummer, dude!

It's a bummer.  Analyzing a chess game from a tournament can be a bummer, especially if it was a critical game and you discover one bad move that wrecks it.   It was a bummer for my son, Desmond, after we analyzed his round 5 game.  We found a win and he would have been launched from 10th place up to 2nd place in the State Scholastic Chess Championship.  The important thing for him to remember is the potential to be an overall state champion.  With a little more practice, experience, and study he will achieve this.  Here is his game with some remarks:

ERRATA ALERT! (Thanks Jeff)  Notes: move 27 should read "Here is the fork in the road, Kd7 or Kb8?"

(Not that much of a Bummer!)

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