Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 Girls State Chess Champion!

Temiloluwa Aderogba is the 2015 Girls State Champion and will be the Idaho representative for the Susan Polgar invitational Chess Tournament and the National Girls Invitational Tournament!  Temi is a 5th grader at Eagle Elementary School of the Arts and is a newcomer to Idaho and the United States via England.  We are very happy to offer her a warm welcome into the vibrant chess community that Idaho offers. Congratulations!

Here are the results of this fabulous event:
Overall Championship
1st place Temiloluwa Aderogba
2nd place Carmen Pemsler 
3rd place Dylan Porth 

Overall 6-8th grade
1st Amelia Mussler-Wright
2nd Katlyn Genta
3rd Heidi Mungall

Overall 4-5th grade
1st Celeste Hollist
2nd Darci DeAngelis
3rd Alex Schrader

Overall K-3rd grade
1st Machitas Fernandez
2nd Sara Hollist
3rd Veronica Richmond

1st place 12th grade Abby Shiner
1st place 1st grade Audrey Richmond
1st place 2nd grade Simone Williams
1st place 3rd grade Daniela Valencia

Even though there was 21 participants, there were not enough  K, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 grade participants to award those prizes.  Sign up next time so you can be your grade's champion.  Thank you to all the donors, participants, parents, and volunteers to make this one of the best events.

Pictures posted on FBBCSD Chess Rage

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