Friday, April 10, 2015

Blitz and Bughouse Results

After our 12 am trek to Boise and then flights all day, bus to the hotel on Wednesday, getting up was very difficult for everyone.  Bughouse was very much a tough proposition with my team moving in slow motion compared to the other teams.  This is a good way to get the nervousness of a tournament dealt with.
Shopping at North Market

Andre and Wesley scored 6.0 points (37th place)
Desmond and Dylan scored 3.0 points (53rd place)

With a brief rest and some food, the Blitz tournament began.  The Silver Creek team was now fully awake and aware of the possibilities.  Desmond and Andre continued to lead our team round-by-round and ended with 6.0 points each (better than last year's results).  In Andre's games, there were some weird occurrences.  One of his opponent's picked up his pawn an moved it backwards and then mentioned a racist comment.  Later in the tournament, Andre saw a TD warning the player about racist comments.  I was taking picture from the balcony of Wesley's game and then witnessed a "slight of hand" by his opponent.  The player moved a bishop one square diagonal to take a piece of Wesley's and then returned it to the original square in one slick movement.  Pressed for time, Wesley did not notice.  Our team went into the last round  in 27th place and had nearly 4 points to gain in order to overtake the 20th team (assuming their team did not earn any points!).  I at least expected us to break the top 25, but we were 2 points behind them.  Desmond won both his games handedly as well as Andre.  Wesley scored 1.5 points and Dylan scored one ending our tournament in 22nd place.  We moved up 5 positions!

Desmond 6.0 points (166th place)
Andre 6.0 points (172nd place)
Wesley 5.5 points (192nd place)
Dylan 4.0 points (273rd place)

Hopefully we will bring one of these home

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