Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Let the excitement Begin

We have eleven players signed up to play in the Idaho State Scholastic Championship.  We do not have an elementary team, but only one 5th grader from Bellevue Elementary is playing - Darwin Porth.  Quentin Van Law, Otto Olson, and River Shepard are playing as a 6th grade team and there are 7 players in the K-12 Section.  Players from SCHS include:

  • Andre Murphy
  • Wesley Brimstein
  • Dylan Porth
  • Kevin Cabrito
  • Ethan Harris
  • Tyson Spellman
  • Zac McStay
I hope we attract a couple of stragglers as I encourage even our beginners to play in this tournament.  It tends  to work against us as a team and we would fare better if I brought just my highest rated players, but we need to encourage more players to engage in tournaments and shouldn't be afraid as coaches and organizers to welcome newcomers/amateurs.  After all, we are all amateurs!  How many Expert and Master level players do we have in Idaho?  Maybe 5?  We plan on having the same fun with a trip to the mall, Krispy Kreme donuts, and the Capital Bldg.  Cheer us on!

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