Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Results of Final Chess Tournament

The final chess tournament for the year was held on May 14 with 12 students vying for the claim to the BCSD Chess Champion, the top Elementary School, and the Elementary Champion.  The G/30 tournament began at 10 am and continued until about 3:00 pm when our Co-champions, Yayee Tonsiri and Dartanyon Ratliffe emerged with 4.0 points.  Three different students played as house players during each round as they were not able to stay for the whole tournament.  Last year's champion, Levi Catangcatang played as one of the house players.  Most players were new to the club this year.

There were three elementary players from Hailey, Alturas, and Bellevue Elementary schools.  Darwin Porth won 3 place overall in the tournament and was crowned the official Elementary School Champion.  He also took the Trophy to Bellevue Elementary School where he presented it to the Principal.  This will be the last year he plays for Bellevue Elementary.  

Additionally, prizes were also awarded to Tyson Spellman in a raffle.  He won a book about solar power.  The Community Campus Cafe donated $10 gift certificates to 3 lucky winners, Rylee, Quentin, and Yayee.  Students also received a free ice cream cone from Snow Bunny.  Levi won the raffled chess board.  All in all, it was a comfortable tournament with newcommers having an opportunity to be champions!

1Tongsiri, Yayee (4)97541314.51145.5
2Ratliffe, Dartanyon (5)938412.514.51246.5
3Porth, Darwin (3)979312.514.51046.5
4VanLaw, Quentin (6)901312131237
5Zaccardi, Rylee (8)8782.55.510.57.528.5
6Harris, Ethan (2)9802812735
7Spellman, Tyson (9)8391.57.511.52.531.5
8VanLaw, Leam (11)nnnn1710330
9Bauer, Carson (7)8821710132
1Tongsiri, Yayee9754W8L3W2W4W5
2Ratliffe, Dartanyon9384W5W7L1W6W4
3Porth, Darwin9793W6W1L4L5W7
4VanLaw, Quentin9013W10W9W3L1L2
5Zaccardi, Rylee8782.5L3W10W9L2D8
6Harris, Ethan9802W9L2L5W10L3
7Spellman, Tyson8391.5L1L5L10W9D6
8Bauer, Carson8821L7L4L6L8W10
9VanLaw, Leam1L4L6W8L7L9

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