Wednesday, December 9, 2009

National K-12 Scholastic Championship!

The kids and I are excited to go to National K-12 Scholastic Championship in Dallas, Texas beginning Friday morning.  Desmond and Dylan, however, stayed home today due to fevers and colds!  This was going to be a grueling tournament anyway . . .now a cold on top of it!?  They will have fun and an educational time, in any event.  They will be the only 2 kids from Idaho according to the pre-registrations.

The tournament is 3 days and 7 rounds SS, G/90 with 160 kids in Dylan's 4th grade section and 103 kids pre-registered in Desmond's 7th grade section.  Bughouse and Blitz are Thursday night and we will miss this, but Friday morning at 10 am, both kids will get to play Alexandra Kosteniuk in a Simul featuring 40 kids!  I wish I got to play her. 

We will be staying at my Aunt's and Uncle's house and I am unsure about the internet connections there.  I will try to keep all of you posted about the progress at this site.  Pictures too?  Wish them luck and good play!

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