Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday Chess Club

Another awesome night of new chess students and lot's of games being played.  We had 22 people and 8 were first-timers.  I actually got to play some games (3).  All e4 openings. 

A warm, fuzzy welcome to new member:  Lara Hobbs!

Shane is in the lead on the TLAK chess workouts.   He has attained the green tag (knight).  Taylor is now into the orange tag with Desmond almost an orange tagger.  I use the engraver to carve the student's names into the tags which gives them a more personal touch.  Remember that the student with the most points will earn an executive tournament bag, board, and pieces.

Julia came with a friend and we have a strong 9th grade girls contingent.  Julia and Karla  are becoming fast learners.  Rebecca is also understanding some of the complexities and beginning to gain confidence.  Maybe we can get a crew to come to girls state?  I think I will take them all to the Novice tournament in January.

This Saturday, Dec. 5 is our Winter Tournament.  Mason's did great chess trophies with a Santa Claus barrel.  A great collectable??  I hope we get a bunch of kids at this tournament.  I moved the tournament into the DLL so the girls basketball could start their games earlier.  In return, the basketball team is letting the chess club raise money by running the basketball concessions stand.  Come by for a burger and support both chess club and girls basketball.  I will pull out giant chess and also have boards available.  We will also raffle off a tournament chess board.

"Choose your Weapon"  with BCSD Chess Rage on the back will be available tomorrow.  I can only accept sweatshirt orders at the moment as our account is in the red!

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