Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Chess Club

At tonight's chess club, 5 two-man teams competed for the WRHS G/5 Bughouse Championship:  Bruck-Bates, Uriarte-Ellis, Black-Broderick, Walton-Skye, and Poklemba-Lochard.  This was a very easy and relaxed tournament with a double-round-robin format and lot's of on-lookers.  The Uriarte-Ellis team was undeniably the top team with 8.0 pts.  Bruck-Bates scored 6.0, Walton-Skye 4.0, Poklemba-Lochard 1.0, and Black-Broderick 1.0.  Congratulations Andrew Uriarte and Chris Ellis!  The win a trophy and their name on the perpetual plaque.  In lieu of the trophy, Andrew Uriarte donated it to the Blitzkrieg tournament this Thursday night and instead received a mouse-pad board and pieces.  This Thursday is the G/5 Blitz.  Entry is $1 for participants of the Winter Tournament.

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