Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Girls Scholastic Championship

This is one of my favorite tournaments to attend.  Dylan looks forward to it but does not do anything extra to prepare.  Maybe next year will be different.  She is a 4th grader in a 4-6th grade section.  Dylan played a strong first two rounds, winning both her games.  She was clammering for a perfect tournament going into round 3 but her opponent was tough and capitalized on some mistakes.  After an outstanding game in Round 4, she was heading into round 5 with high spirits of winning a trophy.  Round 5 games are hard for Dylan because she makes numerous friends during the previous rounds and engages in hard play while waiting for the matches to begin.  She is a social butterfly!  Her opponent was also a 4th grader and they were vying for first place 4th grade.  Unfortunately, Dylan lost the game which dropped her to 6th place and was knocked out of the trophies due to tie-breaker points. Not bad in a field of 18 4th graders, the largest section at the tournament.  She is always on the edge of winning trophies during tournaments.  If I can get her some decent training, she would do much better in 5th round games.  Dylan has music lessons, soccer, hip-hop and ballet lessons, girl scouts, and chess club.  As she gets older and consolidates some of the activities, her game will be unstoppable.

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