Sunday, February 21, 2010

4 Chess

I just purchased an alternate chess game called Chess 4 where four people can play at the same time.  It adds a very different element to the game - ganging up.  In this game, each player takes turns in a clockwise manner.  Dylan, Kyle, Des, and I played last night to a 4-way draw.  In this game you can use other pieces to defend your army while attacking your opponents.  You have to be real careful because you can lose tempo real quick when someone else checks you while your other pieces are attacking.  I was working toward a checkmate with Kyle using a queen and a knight and suddenly Dylan checked me.  Kyle moved a rook to defend his king while simultaneously attacking my queen.  A common defense in normal chess.  Dylan then checked me.  I moved my king which then allowed Kyle to scoop my queen up.  This a great game to play when you have three other chess players in the house.

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