Monday, May 13, 2013

Here's Johnny! An Impromptu Simul

"Here's Johnny!"

Johnny Dilley, former President, 2007-08 and WRHS Champion 2006-2008, stopped in for a game with me on Friday.  Johnny, son of Leslie2 ,  graduated from University of California - Berkeley with degrees in Environmental Economics and Political Science.  He seemed as boisterous as ever and despite the fact that I have never seen him drink coffee, he seemed quick-on-the-draw, confident and sure of himself as ever.

As we played and kids poured into seventh period and immediately needed me for this or that, I pretty much abandoned my game with Johnny, however, the thought crossed my mind . . ."You doin' anything for the next hour?" I asked Johnny.  Nope.  Good.  Johnny succumbed and agreed to play five students.  I set up six (I resented the fact that he beat me through my school distractions - just like old times!).

I try to expose the students to many different chess playing venues during the semester and a simul is a staple.  I provided the requisite extra credit.  Demanded that game records be kept and the games commenced.  During next the hour, Johnny patiently moved and then moved to the next player.   As the bell rang, only Andre Murphy was left playing and he refused to give up, even being a bishop down.  He eventually snagged the bishop, exchanged rooks, and then worked his pawns and king slowly down the board.  Draw.

Johnny indicated that Joel and Andre were close to beating him.  Johnny suggested that all the students needed to prepare for quick games more and to also keep practicing under pressure.  They crumbled with the pressure that Johnny put on them as he so often did in chess club years ago.  Johnny won 5 games and drew one.  I went to collect the score sheets . . .only Andre turned in his work!  Sheez!

1.  Keegan Crowson
2.  Connor Morris
3.  Xavier Haemerle
4.  Andre Murphy
5.  Anthony Flores
6.  Joel Perron


Connor Morris

Keegan Crowson

Xavier Haemerle

Andre Murphy

Anthony Flores

Joel Perron

Emmett and Xavier

Michael and Jon

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