Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Barry Eacker Simul

Had great time yesterday.

As usual, all your mainstay students had solid games with Andre, Dez and Cooper having good positions. Too bad they had to leave early.....
Dylan had good ideas but she didn't see double piece sac against her king. Andre had advantage as well as Des but Des had to think hard about taking Bishop f4 and allow me to open center against his king. Cooper had nice defensive game until I was able to trade queens and win exchange, but alas, I dropped rook and lost instantly. Can't remember the kid sitting by Dez - Tyler (Jordan?) but he had nice game, maybe win but had to leave too..........

Funniest comment came from Tyler when he called my position "The pawn chain from hell"

Beginners were way too aggressive early and paid the price. No attention to king safety. Math teacher (Brian?) played well and had center pressure against my king but he had to leave in middle of game. Too bad because interesting position. Megan played hard and had good tactical understanding about open g file and castling queen side but lost her way transitioning to R&P endgame. Lynnet persistent to bitter end, but too much material down. Darwin didn't pay attention to the game.

Great site and facilities and loved your class room.

THANKS for letting me contribute in some small way to your outstanding chess program. Keep up good work and good luck with the computer lab project involving all the Idaho schools. Tell your class they're great!


Wins  15
Draws 3

Losses 1

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