Saturday, May 17, 2014

2014 Chess Club Championship

This morning 15 competitors showed up for our chess championship and a chance to earn title of BCSD Chess Rage Chess Champion.  Awards and 7 prizes plus raffle prizes were provided.  Raffle prizes were sponsored by Wholesale

1 - 3rd place trophies, also 1st 2 1/2" ebonized Russian Chess set (donated by me), 2nd chess bag, 3rd Endgame book (from the Library of Norman Friedman), 4th Chess Set, 5th Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess, 6th Kasparov vs. Deep Blue (from the Library of Dan Mayers), 7th Common Sense in Chess (from the Library of Norman Friedman).  4th - 7th earn medals.

We are also hosting our fundraiser 50:50 Raffle which includes $50 and a Gift Certificate for Dinner for Two at the Powerhouse (donated by Billy Olson).  All raffle prizes will be drawn starting after Round 2.

After the tournament, Tyler Avila will practice his Senior Project, which was a Mahogany, Cherry, Maple chess board that he made.

No. Name
1 Avila, Tyler
2 Brimstein, Wesley
3 Cabrito, Kevin
4 Catangcatang, Levi
5 Cross, Kaiden
6 Crowson, Keegan
7 Dean, Cooper
8 Dockstader, Shae
9 Iverson, Journey
10 Murphy, Andre
11 Olson, Otto
12 Porth, Darwin
13 Porth, Desmond
14 Porth, Dylan
15 Pulliam, Jordan

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