Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday Chess Club

Welcome new members:  Raleigh Grosbaum & Stephen Poklemba!

Our club has attracted two supporters:  Mr. and Mrs. Layne Jensen.  We would like to thank you for you donation of a new popcorn machine.  We tried it out tonight and made some great popcorn to go with our great games.

The most notable game was between Nick Bruck and Raleigh Grosbaum.  Raleigh and Nick played a very thoughtful game that attracted several spectators as they began an endgame of pawns and opposite color bishops.  I have noticed that Nick's game has moved to a higher level as he is able to envision and calculate possibilities further along.  He is beginning to create opportunities and is utilizing more strategy than tactics.  In fact, he positioned his king in the best possible place to end a pawn run down the g- & h-file by Raleigh and successfully set up a draw game after being down a piece.  Everyone was able to learn about "Insufficient losing chance" rules and "3-move repetition" rulings.  I am beginning to be very envious of my students and their leaps in chess.  I wish I could make those kind of gains.  Great job, guys!

The ICA Novice Tournament is coming up this next Saturday.  I am going to register Darwin in this.  Jason also expressed interest.  In two weeks (Jan. 30), we are headed to Salt Lake City for the West Jordan tournament.  Be sure to get the proper permissions in order to participate.

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