Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Chess Club

Large group tonight with 25 kids!  In fact, students are starting to bring their friends as we had 5 guests.  Desmond, Jake, and Stephen engaged the new chess players with tutorials on basic chess moves.  Our resident rubik's cube guru, Jasen also helped others in their games.  Raleigh taught Julia some new moves, as well.  And Curly worked with Jake and Dylan.  One of our new guests also taught his friends how the pieces moved, while I worked on Shane and with another guest.  I am very proud of our students and the kind of activity our club is generating.  We were even mentioned in the pep assembly today (with a little nudge from me).

Andrew, Curly, Shane, Desmond, Dylan, Max, Taylor, and Jake also prepared for this weekend.  Shane and Desmond played a quick game, with Desi's castled king getting mated with a queen guarded by a bishop.   With a bit of chastising about focusing and getting serious, Des played another quick game against Shane and set up a similar mate in response.  Oh those boys . . .  Much of the chatter during the games hinged on the sleeping accommodations and how salty my last batch of popcorn was.

If all goes well in travel, I am planning on taking all the kids to the Clark Planetarium for a show using our concessions earnings.  Look forward to news update this weekend, a cookie dough fund-raiser, a new newsletter, and some February tournaments.

Upcoming tournaments include: 
Feb. 13-15 ICA Idaho Closed
Feb. 23, Twin Falls Invitational
Feb. 27,  ICA Girl's State
March 6, Idaho Chess Union Twin Falls Championship
March 13, Spring Warmup
March 20, ICA Scholastic Championship
April - May WRHS Championship
May 5, Cinco de Mayo

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