Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Chess Club - the guessing game

The Scotch tournament did not come together (probably due to grades coming out this week) and the club started out fairly quiet, however it became a game show with 8 contenders vying for a candy bar and the other 8 engaged quietly in games. We played out a grandmaster game by trying to predict each move. Each player received 1 point for a correct answer. We began by setting up a board, each move was announced after the players made a predicted move and the move was then displayed on a teaching board. They raised their hands if they had a correct answer. Points were distributed and appropriate chess smack was offered by the contenders.

Of course, the game was not without shinanigans by yours truly. I used a display board to show the grandmaster moves, however, I moved a piece to the wrong spot and the next 10 or so moves were without logic (with a knight sitting next to a pawn and white refusing to move it and black refusing to take it), and the lesson kaput! In the end, the exercise offered much enthusiasm with cheers and high-fives for correct answers. Liam and Raleigh were happy to take and split their prize, however, after one and a half hours of the workout, the candy bar had melted while sitting on my printer! Liam and Raleigh tied with 25 correct answers in the 37 move game. Great job to all!

The game I selected was Magnus Carlsen (NOR) v. Alexander Grischuk (RUS).  Magnus Carlsen, 19, is currently the highest FIDE ranked player at 2810.  Source here.

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