Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Chess Club

16 kids came to chess club tonight.  2 guests and 1 new recruit.  It was wonderful to see one of our newest members, Emmett, teaching the new boy how to play chess.  Desmond graciously showed him how to avoid Scholar's Mate after he beat him by it.  Lesson learned . . .I guess.  Max brought a guest and then used some training equipment to teach his friend how to play - a nice and quiet game.  I took it upon myself to help Miles learn about the Caro-Kann, however, played him out to a draw in a game I should have won.  My next two games were losses to Nick while Taylor made beat box sounds over our game and numerous kids interrupting our game.  I think Nick is too tough to play in a distracted atmosphere and I will continue him during my prep only.  In this way we will accomplish more and I can save some face without the numerous blunders and miscalculations while answering questions, diverting bickering, popping corn, and watching for shinanygans. Nick is invariably one of our top players

Our club will head to West Jordan this weekend to play in a scholastic tournament on Saturday.  The hotel is not near any cuttlery outlets, so I anticipate no nunchuck or sword purchases this year, however, I think there might be a Home Depot nearby.  Who knows what they might buy this time?   Nick, Andrew, Curly, Taylor, Max, and Shane will be in the high school section.  I am still trying to get one more middle school student to have a 3 person team in that section.  4 would be ideal.  Otherwise, Jake and Desmond will have to be it.  Dylan is our lone elementary representative.  A great big thank you to Sam Schroeder and Charley Miller for their donation to help members get to the tournament.
1st Place, West Jordan 2009

Any wayward chess-clubber is welcome to help me raise money for the club by running the wrestling concessions tomorrow night.  Meet at 4:00 pm at the concessions after school.

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