Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garrett shows WRHS his stuff

Well, just as I hit publish on the last post, Garrett pops in for a visit with my team.  When I go over to "the boys room", Andrew greets me with a Carls, Jr. Burger the size of his face . . .entering his face.  As he wipes the ketchup from his lip, Andrew says "he's here?"  My team idolizes Garrett.  Some of them want to be Garrett.  "How many girl friends does he have?" "His girlfriends are always soooo hot!"  "He moves so fast!"  "How many games has he played?"  "What else does Garrett do?"  "Is he good at math?"  Of course I contribute to the enigmatic personality whenever I can.  Chess is hip and chess is cool.  I think the kids would say nowadays, "Chess is sic".

As the kids crowd around Garrett, he proceeds to guide them through the Scotch Gambit.

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