Friday, March 19, 2010

Night before the State Tournament

Pre-registrations look a bit dismal with only 237 entrants.  Maybe there will be 200 more entries today and tomorrow that are not listed.  In the 7th grade, Desmond and Riley will be competing with 12 other 7th graders.  Jake will take on 23 entries in 6th grade.  There are lot's of 4th graders for Dylan and only 6 Kindergarteners for Darwin.  The K-12 championship has about 16 entrants and only 3 teams - Rigby, Borah, and Wood River.  The competition will be tough, however, with John Nahlen (> 1600), Abderhaldens, Abernathy, Patterson, Duy Nguyen, Jiang, and Ye.  I hope my guys can get a couple wins from these experienced tournament-goers.

This was one of my most peaceful drives to a tournament.  The soft lighted mountains with snow melting away into spring revealed many elk, fox, and deer tracks.  What's more, the bus was so quiet, I was afraid I would fall asleep on the ridiculously straight road.  Where in the United States will you be able to drive to a tournament and take a right at the blinking light, a right at the highway, and a right to exit?  Three turns total in three hours of driving! I had to laugh when I showed up at the designated time and only my kids, Jake and me were ready to go at 2:30.  Andrew and Taylor showed up shortly thereafter and a phone call from Nick and Tyler indicated that they forgot something at their house and would be late.  Where's Curly?  Andrew called him and woke him from his afternoon slumber to find out where he was.  "Uh, what day is it?"  With a quick phone call to his parents to get permission to go, we were off.
We met Miles at the hotel and then went to dinner at Guido's Pizzeria.  My plans for a team photo on the Capitol steps was vetoed and nobody brought any extra money for the IMAX, so they galavanted around the downtown area and then returned to the hotel for last minute games.  I think they still remember how to play? Garrett's date must've been a good one since he never came for a quick, trap lesson.  But heck, we're on spring break, right?

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