Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The economy must be getting bad for chess players of my caliber.  There were only 4 players in my challenger section and I brought one of them.  The other two came from one family, the Patterson's.  We played a round robin between us as Kevin and Katie were both sick and wanted to get home soon.  That was more than ok as I have so much work to complete to get ready for a new trimester.  We finished our three game tournament in one day.

We had fun, however.  I beat Kevin and Katie, but just could not muster a fight against one of my students, Andrew Uriarte.  Andrew won our section and next year has a birth into the Championship section.  I won second place.

Championship Section:
1st =   Barry Eacker - Twin Falls    3.5/4
2nd =  James McGarvey - Boise    3.0/4
3rd =   Jeff Baggett - Ketchum      3.0/4
Book = Aleksandr Vereshchagin - Twin Falls "Both Sides of the Chessboard" - Robert Byrne / 1974
                                                                          (Donated by Glen Buckendorf from his private library)
Challenger Section:

1st =   Andrew Uriarte - Bellevue      2.5/3
2nd = Adam Porth - Bellevue            2.0/3
3rd = Katie Rae Patterson - Boise     1.0/3
Book = Kevin "Da Board Member" Patterson  "Play for Mate" - Cafferty/Hooper / 1977
                                                                           (Donated by Glen Buckendorf from his private library)

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