Monday, November 22, 2010

Chess Club going well but gets ripped off

We had twelve students stop in to play some games tonight, and I think Ms. Wolfram was tempted to even play a game.  Nick Bruck and Esdras Santigao played three games with each other.  Max Mihalic played me and another new student, Emmett Say, and Alex.  Julia Broderick engaged in games with Alex Bates.  Miles Hendrix was able to play Alex as well.  There were also quite a few observers.  With my kids wrestling or at dance, the end of the semester crush with AP students missing, and Senior Project students scrambling to finish before their deadlines, it was a quiet night.  Check out the newly organized WRHS Chess Club site or stop in at the parent site, The Chessnut, to sign my guest book.

On the fund-raising front, Max sold a board and we have been selling lot's of snacks to students.  Today, we made $6 in sales and when I went to my desk to get the money to deposit in the office, it was gone!  Somebody stole money from our club!  I hope their conscience causes there genitals to shrivel up like a walnut!

I also advertised for Caleb Kircher's and Extreme Chess' camp offered this Christmas break.  Alex Chua is rated 2300+, a Life Chess Master, National Chess Master, 2010 Texas State Championship Runner-up, Texas Collegiate Individual Chess Champion, The University of Texas at Dallas Chess Team.  He is planning on teaching, conducting a simul, organizing a tournament.  Details can be found at ICA.
Alex Chua with his College Team

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