Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Death By Chess - Oct. 31

Executioner Barry Eacker
Chess play began at 9 p.m. in the Rosenau Funeral Home and Cremetorium until 2:30 am in Twin Falls. The G/13 tournament was sponsored by the Idaho Chess Union under the auspices of executioner Barry Eacker, and the din of very bad horror films of the cultish-order would make anyone a zombie. Apropos to play like a zombie!
At about 1 am!
This unique tournament attracted 18 sick and demented chess players from as far away as Boise, Caldwell, and the Wood River Valley. In fact, our chess club brought 7 members. Andrew, Shane, and Curly showed up in their buffalo wings costumes (after winning shirts in a hot wings eating contest early that evening).  Jake Whitlock - a beer keg to wash it all down. Taylor, Desmond and me were, in fact, zombies. Patterson's were present - Kevin dressed as "Kevin", Katie looked like the bride of Frankenstein(?), Abderhalden's too - Rickey was a ninja, and Katie looked like someone got mad at her chess abilities. She's good! I asked Barry who the new, really ugly girl was, but it turned out to be Johnny Seekamp dressed up as a really ugly girl.
Des and Jake
Andrew and Curly begin play, round 1

Des and Katie Patterson
Everyone's games suffered a slow and tortured existence - I hung so many pieces, including queen's in two games, that my chess game took on the appearance of a mass suicide that would make the caretakers of the establishment thrilled for all the business. I think I murdered more pieces than the movies did! Chunk's of wood were hitting the floor and my poor chessmen were impaled, forked, skewered, and pinned as if I didn't know what a tactic was. Andrew, Curly, Taylor and me managed to win half our games with 4.0 pts. each, however. Desmond, 2.0 pts., Jake, 2.0 pts., and Shane, 0.5 pts.
Shane and Rickey Abderhalden

Scary DVD movies:
1st - Katie Abderhalden
2nd - Barry D. Eacker
3rd - Ricky Abderhalden
4th - Jeffrey T. Roland
Taylor Walton and Katie Abderhalden
Table Ornaments:
5th - Fred Bartell
6th - Taylor Walton
7th - Daniel S. Looney
8th - Andrew Uriarte
9th - Kevin Ness
10th - Johnny Seekamp
Johnny Seekamp and Daniel Looney

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