Thursday, November 25, 2010

Illegal Moves: Chessmen fined and pinned!

The evidence keeps growing - chess prejudice is clearly part of American culture.  "Drop that bishop and come out with your hands up!"  Seven men were arrested for playing chess in a park in New York.  Some people just don't like the idea that normal people enjoy chess. Under the guise that alcohol and drugs were a problem, police officers ticketed the men whom now have to appear in court to defend themselves.  Chess players don't fit the mold that most people believe describe chess players - i.e., nerds, weirdos, paranoiacs, crazies, old men, schizos, etc.  and now pedophiles and druggies? Whenever something doesn't fit a paradigm, then individuals in denial try to beat the observations and actualities into submission so they do fit.  I think it is time to shift ideas and paradigms since the perceptions are different from the reality.  Maybe more people should play chess and enjoy the benefits of developing thinking skills?  Clearly, this is a case of not thinking.  (click this link to read more)

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